$5 Golden Ratio Print Now Available

Golden Ratio

$5 Print

A screen printed riff on the original painting purchased by Andreas Schmidt. Edition number to bottom left and embossed artist's signature to bottom right.  Edition of 50.

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$3 Print

A screen printed reproduction of the original $3 painting in the Golden Ratio series.  Edition number in pencil and embossed artist's signature to bottom right. Edition of 50.

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$2 Print

A print reproduction of the original painting purchased by Jonathan Lewis in New Jersey. Indigo digital print on 920gsm Lux stock,  5.8 x 5.8 inches (148mm x 148mm). Edition of 100.

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Sefie, 2017

The world and your reflection. A reflective dye sublimation print on aluminium, mounted in a black aluminium tray frame. Can be hung portrait or landscape. Stamped, dated and numbered on back.

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_IMG01, 2014

_IMG01 presents the code of a photograph taken by James Francis (Frank) Hurley on the 29 October 1917. The book comes with a digital silver gelatin print of the image and is an edition of 97.

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_IMG02, 2015

_IMG02 presents the code of a photograph taken in Berlin by Hartmut Reiche on the 5 January 1990. The book comes with a digital silver gelatin print of the image and is in an edition of 25.

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Harry Potter and the Scambaiter

A novel inhabiting another novel, Harry Potter and the Scam Baiter presents one of the most notorious scam baits in the fledgling history of web culture; The cross-continental encounter between Barrister Musa Issah, Mrs. Joyce Ozioma, and Arthur Dent. At times a hilarious tale of deceit and cross-cultural wires being crossed through emails and handwriting.

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Photography Is

A manifesto for photography in the 21st Century, Photography Is mirrors the ambiguous and untrustworthy nature of photographs themselves with each phrase in the book torn from the context in which it originally appeared. The result is contradictory and chaotic, frustrating and insightful. In short, it is photography, without photographs.

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Fifty-One US Military Outposts

Overt and covert military outposts used by the United States in fifty-one different countries across the world. Sites located and gathered from information available in the public domain, official US military and veterans' websites and forums, domestic and foreign news articles, and official and leaked government documents and reports.

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