William Klein: Paris

William Klein: Paris

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Born in Hungary, William Klein has been praised as "one of the most important photographers of his generation… a tough photographer… who makes his choices with a certain festive aggression" (New York Times). With his trademark "raw, kinetic and utterly original photographs" (Roth, 140), Klein reinvented photography with the publication of his "magnum opus… New York is a quintessential monument to the American cultural scene of the 1950s" (Parr & Badger I:235-6). Following that pioneering "city" book, Klein published Rome (1959), Moscow (1964) and Paris (1964)-"four books of photography which shook the very roots of this medium's young tradition" (Christian Science Monitor). Klein continued that tradition with Torino (1990) and here, with Paris + Klein. First edition, the scarce French issue, published same year in Germany and Italy; text in French. A distinctive association copy inscribed by Klein to close friend Peter Turnley, award-winning photographer for Newsweek and contributing editor for Harper's Magazine who has covered "almost every important international news event of the last 15 years" (New York Times).

Condition: Excellent

Hardcover: 346 pages

ISBN-10: 3899040198

ISBN-13: 978-3899040197

Dimensions: 25.5 x 3.4 x 35.1 cm

Publisher: Edition Braus (2002)

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