Ori Gersht: Afterglow

Ori Gersht: Afterglow

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Ori Gersht is a photographer whose images provide us with a poignant record of the journeys he has made through different territories. Here Gersht's photographic odysseys are brought together for the first time in Afterglow, published in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Museum.

Ori Gersht travels to places where our memory of what has happened dominates the experience of being there. From the uninhabited Judea desert on the outskirts of Jerusalem to the snowy grounds of the concentration camps in Poland; from the 360 degree views of empty International soccer stadiums to the colourful modernist facades of English schools, Gersht's images negotiate memories of past events with the actual reality of the present.

Published to coincide with exhibitions at Tate Britain in England and the Tel Aviv Museum in Israel, Afterglow contains all of Gersht's most important photographs, documenting his journeys over the past five years.

Condition: Excellent, scuff marks on back cover

Hardcover: 200 pages

ISBN-10: 1902854179

ISBN-13: 978-1902854175

Dimensions: 24.13 x 1.91 x 22.23 cm

Publisher: August Media Ltd. and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2002)

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