Mishka Henner


_IMG02 presents the code of a photograph found on-line and held at the German Federal Archive. The photograph was taken in Berlin by Hartmut Reiche on the 5 January 1990. Caption information taken from the archive reads: ADN-ZB Reiche 5.1.90 Berlin: Eine gute Durchsicht hat man zu beiden Seiten der Mauer am Brandenburger Tor, nachdem auch an dieser Stelle "Mauerspechte" am Werk waren.

The book includes a 5x7 inch silver gelatin print of the corresponding photograph.

_IMG is a new series of limited-edition books presenting the digital binary data of historical photographs as literature.

Softcover, 5.5x8.5 inches (13.97x21.59cm)
148 pages. Edition of 25 signed books

Publication date: 2015
30 GBP